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    We provide support for Windows, Apple and Linux based computers and laptops. Our staff are trained in pc troubleshooting and repair. Need a new computer or laptop? Computer running slow? Give us a call and you'll be back to work in no time.

  • Wireless Networking

    Setting up and securing a home or business wireless solution can be a daunting task. Let use help you choose the solution that is right for you. We can install, configure and secure your wireless solution and have you mobile quickly.

"No Worries"
Service Plans

Service Plans

We have services plans to fit every budget. Some plans even provide you with a new PC at the end of the term.

Our service plans allow us to detect problems before they become catastrophic. We can detect failure before it occurs and replace the component before it causes you downtime. Most plans include a free semi-annual physical cleaning of the equipment.

Our plans offer reduced rates on hardware, complementary remote assistance and 24hr monitoring.

Let us take the worry out of your computing experience.

IT project

Large IT project support
If you have a large IT project call us and we will handle all aspects of designing your network upgrade. We offer network design and implementation.
Trained service personnel will get you running fast.
We are trained to design, install and secure your network and computer assets providing you peace of mind, low costs and quick returns on investments. Let us handle the worry and stress of your next big IT project and get back to what you do best, serving your customers.