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Virus Removal/Security Checks
We provide virus removal and security checks to give you peace of mind. We also provide security audits and compliance checks.
General CleanUp and Repair
We provide repair and clean up service for desktops, laptops and servers.
Watch It! Service Plan
With the Watch It Service Plan you get 24/7 monitoring. We monitor for disk failure, disk space usage, memory and cpu usage. This makes sure you don't run out of disk space or lose important files. You also get a 25% discount on all labor. Starting at $9 per month per computer.
Proactive Care Service Plan
With the Proactive Care Service Plan you get everything from the Watch It plan plus virus protection, weekly computer cleanup and remote access. Starting at $18 per month per computer.
No Worries Service Plan
With the No Worries Service you get everything from the Watch It and Proactive plans with the addition of free labor. Starting at $28 per month per computer.
Hardware as a Service
With HaaS all your hardware costs are covered in the plan. This moves your technology expenses from capital expenses to operating expenses.
Offsite Backup
Offsite backup will ensure that your important files are always available even in the event of disk failure.
Website, Email and Server Hosting
Caverly Computing can host you website, email and even your servers in our datacenter. Relieving you of the cost of on premise hosting and the convenience of one monthly bill.

service plans

  • Avoided incidents: Using advanced troubleshooting and rapid analysis; we resolve computer issues on detection; before they have the opportunity to grow into failures or disruptions
  • Safe and protected environment: We ensure patches and antivirus updates for your PC have been installed, reducing the likelihood of your computer being compromised by a virus, worm or other attack
Regular Reports
Allows us to keep you updated on our support
performance and how your computer has
been functioning.
Spyware Detection and Removal
Keeps spyware from invading your computer,
ensuring your key resources and information
won't be hijacked.
Remote Access
Access your computer from anywhere
in the world.
Windows Patch Verification
Checks if your PC is running the most recent
versions of operating software, and provides
reports and recommendations.
Antivirus Monitoring and Updates
Ensures your antivirus programs are functioning
properly and that the latest industry security
updates to your systems are being received
and installed.
PC Hardware Monitoring
Focuses on core metrics of your PC, such as
processor, memory and disk space. This
information can highlight trends that could
impact operation.